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Friday, December 17, 2010

Star Moms With their Kids

Natalia ions and the daughter Lyda
 Let's look at what kids have grown up with famous moms.
That's interesting to know, and what they dream of becoming or have become?
Anastastiya Volochkova and daughter Ariadne
 Mary Aronov and daughter Seraphim
 Larisa Dolina and daughter Angelina
 Catherine Odintsov and daughter Dina
 Anastasia Makeeva and son, Ilya
 Svetlana Khorkina and son Sviatoslav
 Masha Tsygal and son Arseny
 Gurtskaya Diana and his son Constantine
 Ekaterina Klimova and son
 Yekaterina Volkova and daughter Alexandra
 Irina Yudin and daughter Aurora
 Olga Kabo and daughter Tatiana
 Shukshina Maria and daughter Anna
 Irina Hakamada, and daughter Maria
 Christina Orbakajte and her son Nikita

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