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Friday, December 24, 2010

The 15 Most Unusual Contact Lenses

 “The Eyes are the window to the soul” this saying goes way back. But what if you change them in some way does the way others perceive your soul gets distorted or not? I don’t know and I don’t want to find out. But these contact lenses still look cool. Don’t you think?
Golden Eye Lenses
 Golden eye I found his weakness, golden eye he’ll do what I please, Golden eye no time for sweetness like it says Tina Turner’s lyric. We know that 007 would like any girl with a golden eye. Who wouldn’t?
Soccer Lenses
 These are the perfect lenses for soccer lovers. You will see a ball at all times in front of you, well at least the people you meet will.
Snake Lenses
 I wouldn’t want to be seen wearing these. They look slimy and evil.
Dollar Lenses
 You know when in cartoons someone sees a pile of money and you can just see dollars in his/her eyes. These contact lenses are perfect for gold-diggers, you will spot one immediately.
Mickey Lenses

 Who knew that such a positive cartoon character would look so scary? I don’t think Disney had this in mind while creating the lovely Mickey Mouse.
CD Lenses
 Imagine that you could hear the music coming out of your eye, it would be utterly hilarious!
Two in One Lenses
 It seems that these lenses are for those who cannot make up their mind whether they are coming or going. I’m not sure whether it’s Photoshop or not but they look surreal.
Diamond Lenses
 They must be worth a fortune. They look glamorous and sophisticated.
Cat Lenses
 You thought that only humans wear lenses. That isn’t true; this can wears them, too.
Jewelry Lenses
 If you want to stand out even more you should most definitely buy these unusual lenses. Ouch, that looks painful.
American Flag Lenses
 These contact lenses have the pattern of the American flag. How weird is that?
Bio Hazard Lenses
The list wouldn’t be complete without one of the most pointless of all lenses and those are the bio-hazard lenses.


  1. Mira eso Melinda MOntesinos lol

  2. The lens for the cat seems very cruel.